This course will teach you the simple steps to becoming a recruiter (even if you have no experience in the industry) This is your fast track to make a six-figure salary with or without a college degree.



Search for candidates using tools like LinkedIn to specifically target qualified talent for your clients. Find suitable candidates, review applications & resumes, and conduct job interviews.


Present suitable candidates to clients, discuss their experience, salary requirements, and career aspirations.


Set up client interviews, and collect feedback from the client and candidate, whether good or bad.


Handle job offers and acting as a negotiator and participant in the on-boarding process.


Remain in contact and follow-up with candidates to maintain a working relationship and get repeat business.

In-Depth Content

Absorb powerful & original content that will give you the necessary skills to succeed as . The knowledge you gain in this course translates into multiple other positions such as content management, digital marketing and Social Media.

Proven Track Record

Our CEO holds a Masters Degree and has acquired 15 years of experience in the recruiting industry. From working as a full time recruiter at a large corporation to starting his own company at age 21 to becoming a millionaire by the age of 30. He will be able to teach you how to best navigate through the corporate waters and become an effective & solid recruiter.

Become A Full-Fledged Recruiter

This course will provide you with a step-by-step guide to becoming an internal full time recruiter. You will learn how to build a LinkedIn Profile, prospect & engage candidates and market your personal brand in a powerful way that stands out in the marketplace.

Executive Level Recruiting Course

>> Real world examples on a Recruiters day to day and how to succeed in any industry

>> Interactive lessons to show you step-by-step on how to become a superstar recruiter

>> Email support to answer any questions you may have during and after course completion

>> 24/7 customer service support

>> Job search guidance & resume assistance

>> Dedicated Resume & LinkedIn Profile Advisor

>> SalaryShark Recruiting Academy added to your Resume & LinkedIn Profile

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SalaryShark Recruiting Academy

Online Recruiting Course**

*Full Access To Our Online Recruiting Course

*Email Support

*Add SalaryShark Recruiting Academy to your Resume & LinkedIn Profile


SalaryShark Recruiting Academy

Online Recruiting Course & Dedicated Advisor**

*Full Access To Our Online Recruiting Course

*Dedicated Resume & LinkedIn Advisor

*Unlimited Email Support

*Add SalaryShark Recruiting Academy to your Resume & LinkedIn Profile


SalaryShark Recruiting Academy

Start Your Own Recruiting Agency***

*Full Access To Our Online Recruiting Course

*Step by Step Guidance on how to start your own Recruitment agency with zero upfront monies

*Direct access to our CEO

*Unlimited Email & Text Support

*Learn how to break six figures your first year in this $200 billion dollar industry

*Gain complete freedom and control over your destiny